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Hoo! Finished watching FMA: Brotherhood (finally). Only took me.. how many years has it been over with?.. to watch it. I:
Now I can peacefully work on other things.

Awesome! I found the DS Den, but it's outdated and the font is doing funny things. Added anyways; I'll work on it later.
I updated the Fic Archive a bit! Still needs a lot of compiling before it's done. Oh well.

Well, hell. I haven't updated this front page in years. I literally stuck this page up onto the internet Jan. 2, 2008. The DS Den has since.. disappeared somehow, the KonekoChan image board has broken, the RP info is obsolete because I no longer RP, the Gaia information is outdated to humorous degree [did I mention I haven't played gaia in years? No?], and the Crafts section really needs an update. Not to mention the whole website and all of its sub-areas need a unification by theme of some sort.

I'd also like to take out a few sections and add a few new ones in, leaving the following selections:
Crafts, Papercrafts, DS Den, RP Info, Fanfic Archive, GalaxyDex, and of course, Links.

I really should be typing up my fics instead. So many of them. Damn my overactive imagination.

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