Welcome to my Furcadia site!


After spending enough time and work on Furcadia, I figured it was time to compile everything into one singular website to share and show off my work. Hey, why not? I'm proud of it.

To start with, I'll have the general info/bio/ref for my fursona, Jyx. Then a little bit about the human behind her. And, as it's my Furcadia site, my alts!
Next comes the appropriately-titled 'Fun Stuff', as there will be goodies for you to download! Patches! And of course, non-downloadable dreams I've made. I'd also like to include some parts of my old DS Den, created right after the Kitterwing update. Horribly outdated, obviously.. not that it had much to begin with.

Move a bit further down on the links page and you'll find further information on my various dreams. DragonPaint, for example, will contain rendered maps of furres' creations, so all can see. HomeBuilder will have information on how to work the dream; and Fanta Farms, though I try to make it self-sufficient, will have a link to its own site for any questions you might have.

And then...

While I'm certainly no pro at DragonSpeak, I'll do my best to help you if you whisper me. Whether it be patching, DSing, etc, I'll try! Or if you just want to commission a patch or just talk, I'm game for anything. ^^