On this page you'll find a listing of my dreams. From the complete and fun DragonPaint, to the just-for-fun Overgrown Terra, and even the ever-in-progress Fanta Farms, you'll see that I enjoy dreamweaving.
Remember, none of these dreams are for download. Sorry!


DragonPaint began as a simple painting dream, based on a dream I'd entered years ago. In that dream, you had to hold a brush in order to paint its color. Thank goodness for phoenixspeak!
This dream is complete and usually kept uploaded in AI, in the SW of the main 'building' area.
What you can do: Paint with three different-size brushes, paint as you walk ("pawpainting"), choose from 24 stamps, erase tiles, warp to one of 5 different locations (entrance and corners of the map), and choose from two different paint palettes: color and monochrome (black and white).
Locals: Yes. Winged tusker and winged poneigh, available on the patches page.

Fanta Farms

I always loved farming dreams. With the loss of some of the best farming dreams on furc, I put to work my love of dreamweaving (patching, DSing, mapping) and created Fanta Farms. However, with the addition of new ideas, it always seems to be a work in progress. With the pretense of it being a 'seasonal' dream (4 copies of the dream--one per season) that adds more work (my own fault for the idea). It's currently stalled in the autumn phase, which has the most work (the only other season that exists is the original season, summer).
If you'd like to read more about the dream, it actually has a website. Fanta Farms' Website
What you can do: See the website for the full info! Farming, cooking, weaving (heavily WIP), exploring, chatting. Eight farms to choose from, all with hiring & firing abilities for the farm owner. Town with interactive townsfolk, as well as purely scenic areas.
Locals: Usually. Currently; goat and chicken.