Jyx, IRL


I know this is supposed to be my 'Furcadia' site and not a site about me, but honestly, since Jyx is my main Furcadia alt, I should have a little section for her on here!

Human-Jyx is a red-haired Irish/German woman named Heather (but online, she prefers Jyx or Jyxxie anyways). She and Jyx are pretty much the same, although as a human, she doesn't have fancy coloration and stuffs.
Offline, she loves to read and (given the weather) go out into nature, exploring, foraging, crafting, attuning, and honoring the change in seasons. She'll hang out with friends between work and her instinctive love of being home, and will always listen to your story, even if she's not the best at offering advice.