About Jyx


Species: Half horse/Half dragon

Colors: Blue skin with purple stripes (and purple left ear), lime-green draconic chest 'plating', pink mane and tail-fluff, yellow bones

Eye Color: Red

Special Features: Bright coloration is not limited to daylight. Skeleton is bioluminescent, showing best in a very dark room. Varying by emotions, the glow of her skeleton will pulse/flash or dim. Any lighting of her skeleton is rarely seen unless the lighting is dim or darker.

Personality: Generally quiet and good-natured. Some key words to describe her are honest, creative, cheerful, optimistic, addictive. When you get her to talk, she's pretty random (some would say entertaining), but she shies away from crowds and prefers to speak with you one-on-one.

Likes: Music (Nightwish!), Drawing, Pixeling/Patching, Dreamweaving, 3D modeling (Paperpokes and Papermon), Crafting, Nature, Autumn, Legos, Writing (Fanfiction)

Dislikes: Negativity, Crowds, Being cold, Idiots (not ignorance, rather a**holes), Coffee

Q-Code: QQQ-SEXYCRAFTER (Unlined letters don't count!)