Aluminum Cans

Ashtray, Ashtray Video, Little Robot, Shingles, Can Lantern, Can Wreath (complete with bow), Can Wind Spinners, Can Votive Holder
Inspiration for Can Sculptures, Aluminum Can Shark, Penny Stove

Soda/Beer Tabs

Tabistry: Clothing [Also try a google image search for 'soda tabs']
Tabmaille: Tab Chainmaille, Tab Chainmaille How-To Video
Crochet: Crocheted Tab Purse, Crocheted Can Tote Bag
Bottle Caps: Bottle Caps as Buttons
Bracelet, Enamel-like Jewelry

"Corrugated" Cans

Regular size: Luminaries, "Perpetual" Calendar & Pencil Holder, Magnetic Pencil Cup, Utensil Holders, Tube Knitting Can, Pumpkin Luminaries, Tower Lamp

Larger Size: Wine Rack, Coffee Can Yarn Cubbies, Organizer Cover for Coffee Cans, Hanging Can Storage, Can Windsock

Tuna/Pet Food Size: Drawer Organizers

Altoid Tins

Because of the craze with altoid tins, I recommend a google search of them. You'd be amazed at what you find!

Emergency Candle, Watercolor Box, Travel Game Tin, Combo USB Drive, Mini Books/Scrapbooks, Mini Zen Garden, Anti-Boredom Kit, More Mini Gardens, ,

Other Metal

Seat from Washing Machine, Jump Rings from Paperclips, Candy Coin Wrapper Earrings, Knife from Rusted Metal, Wire Mesh Wall Storage, Shopping Cart Chair, Sign Chair, Garden Rake Jewelry Hanger, Metal Washer Earrings