Safety First!

I'm sure this post really isn't needed, as we're all smart crafters.. but here it is anyways.
When using power tools, read the manual or learn from someone who has used it before, wear the appropriate safety gear such as protective eyewear and/or gloves, keep dangling jewelry and loose clothing and/or long sleeves out of the machine's way.
Remember to power down the tool if leaving it, if only for a minute, for accidents could happen--children, pets, curiosity and forgetfulness.

When recycling something sharp, such as glass, metal, or tire tread, try to wear gloves. This will reduce your chances of cutting yourself.

Always work on a protected surface; i.e. somewhere that won't get ruined. No x-acto knives on a bare counter. Use newspaper for gluing or painting. Work on a dropcloth outside on the grass for spray paint. You get the idea.

Make sure you have GOOD VENTILATION. When fusing plastic bags or using shrinky-dinks, do it outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.

Overall, be an innovative crafter, but also be a safe a smart crafter. It makes things more fun if you don't get wire through your arm or lop off a few fingers. And don't forget: aluminum can papercut. -shudder-

Where to Get Everything

Where should our supplies for recycling crafts come from?
To be the most conservative, don't buy new. But sure, some will want to use those pretty papers sold in craft stores and of course, we need to buy glue and staples and maybe that fancy awl we saw. But don't do something utterly dumb, like ask a store for a pack of UNUSED plastic bags.

If you find your crafting addiction removing all the garbage from the home and you need more items; what should you do? First, ask neighbors! Explain what you're using the items for, and maybe offer to sort recyclables for them so it's less work for them. If you do have donations coming in, make sure you keep a list of who's giving you stuff--because then you can repay their efforts with recycled gifts!
I don't recommend dumpster digging, mainly for your reputation (and you really never know what they throw in there). But if you must, you must.