Plarn: Making Plarn

Crochet: Joining & Crocheting Plarn, Easter Basket, Handbag, Apron, Plarn Sandals
Many crocheted items/patterns can be replaced with plarn.

Knitting: Knit a bag from bags

Weaving: 'Traditional' Weaving (and how to make a recycled loom), Braided Rug (no sewing; braiding and ironing)

Fusing: How to Fuse Bags, No-sew Fused Tote, Fused Candy Bags

Food Wrappers: Candy Fused Plastic Bags, Pet Food Tote

Others: Pet Leash

Plarn can used for other fiber crafts, such as Macramé, Nålebinding, weaving

Plarn can also be made out of bags used for fresh fruits and veggies, as well as bags your newspaper comes in. Shorter sections of bag means more knots per foot, and would be better for knitting or crocheting than coil basketry.

Bottle Caps



Inspiration: Bags, lights, notebooks, baskets & more

Individual Size: Stitched Plastic Ring, Spherical Ornaments, Bottle 'Flower' Curtains, Apple 'Boxes', Fabric-Covered Bracelets, Milk Bottle Ghosts

2-and-3-Liter: Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots, Plastic Bottle Birdfeeder, Cherry Blossom Stamper, Rustic Lamp, Plastic Loop Earrings, Shaggy Lampshade

Bottle Hanger

Bottle Bricks, Build a House with Bottle Bricks, Sushi Mat Vase, Christmas Tree

Bottle Top Flowers, Bottle-Bottom Coin Purse, Wallet from Jug, Water Jug Storage Bins, Bottle Lamp, Magazine Rack, Coin Bank, More


CD Crochet, CD Clocks, CD Spindle Earring Holder


Computer Case Soda Dispenser, Wallet from Keyboard, Change "Purse" from Computer Mouse, PCB Bracelet, Keyboard Keys Badge, CD Sleeve, Keyboard Name Sign, Keyboard Keys Bracelet, Keyboard Key Thumbtacks, Key Calendar (Try doing keys separately)

Other Plastics

Toothbrush Bracelet, L'oreal Fish (Scroll down), Soda 6-pack Ring Snowflakes, Homemade Shrinky Dinks, Magnetic Rubik's Cube from Dice, Woven-Marker Basket, Card Pocket Wallet, Tic-Tac Ribbon Dispenser, USB Barbie

Ideas: Using flat plastic sides from bottles and jugs as panels, connect to make clothing/cosplay armor, interesting chandeliers, window treatments, a blind for car windows for young children, shingles for a shed/child's playhouse.. etc.