Weaving: Placemat-weaving Basket, Basket-weaving..Basket, Placemat-Weaving Coasters
Spun Newspaper "Yarn"

Office Paper or Brown Bags

Office Paper: Curled Snowflakes, One-page Book with Pockets, Neverending Card, Instant Folded Book, 16-Page Instant Folded Book, Squash Book, Foldout Map Book, Album from Envelopes, , Decorative Origami Star, Tri-Fold Shutter Card (y en Espanol)

Brown Bags: Paper Bag Gift Wrap,

Manila Folder Book, Waterfall Book, Non-Video Waterfall Book Tut, Box of Drawers, Placemat & Utensil Holder, Paper Wallet, Notebook Made w/Plastic or Rubber, Shoji Lamp, Paper Poppy Tutorial, Recycled Bubble Mailers, Paper Bag Basket

Magazines/Junk Mail

Magazine Envelopes, Rolled-Paper Basket, Origami 'Yamauchi Fireworks', Christmas tree, Coiled Paper Bowl, Tube-Magnets, Junk Mail Art/Decorative Paper, Garbage Can from Garbage (also try using plastic bottle caps), Wallet from Receipts (or magazines), Making Paper Beads, Wavy Paper Beads, Paper Hawaiian Lei, 'Flower Garland' Tutorial, Security Envelope Stationery, Origami Lucky Stars, 3D Christmas Trees Origami 'Leaves'


Tip: For cereal box projects, also use empty soda and beer cardboard boxes.

Cereal Boxes: Paper Food Baskets, Matchbox, Stapled Notebooks, Cereal Box Notebook, Cereal Box School Folder, Cereal Box Notepads, Cereal Box Bookmarks, Cereal Box Postcards, Kids Art Display, Recycled-Material Greeting Cards, Magnetic Memo Holder, Beer Hats (Patented and Licensed), Pillow Box Tutorial

Corrugated Cardboard: Cheap Sandals (Good for around the house), Kids Chairs, Bracelet Loom, Many Different Cardboard Projects, Cardboard Chairs

TP Tubes: Gift Tags, TP Tube Books, X-Mas Ornaments, Hurrican Candle Cover, 'Flower' Tealight Ring, Magnetic Vases

Other Tubes: Pringles Can Photo Gift Tube, Empty Tape Roll Ornament, Tube Basket

Greeting Cards: Paper Ball Card Ornament, Geodesic Card Ball

Misc Papers

Juice Carton Wallet, Monopoly Money Wallet, Milk Carton Wallet (In French Too), Card Wallet, Coffee Cup Purse, Coffee Cup Light Art/Lamp, Paper from Coffee Cups

h3>Making Homemade paper

Making Paper (and a brief history), Plantable Paper, Making Paper without a Blender, Making Paper (Nice vid, much info, but it's also a promo for a website)